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Recommended Podcasts and Apps

By Fr. Paul Howden

Here are some resources I recommend on social media. I’ll eventually do a list of books, journals, and articles.

Anglican Podcasts

You can find these on either Spotify, Youtube, X, Apple, Facebook, and other platforms.​​

Rev. Brett Murphy of the Reformed Episcopal Church in England, also called the Free Church of England, is well worth listening to on YouTube. His commentary on the latest trends and events in the Anglican world is excellent.

“Anglican Unscripted” has been around a long time and gives reliable news on the Anglican scene around the globe. Kevin Kallsen and Fr. George Conger are hosts. Conger has the wrong position on women’s ordination (WO).


VirtueOnline by David Virtue. Anglican news from around the world.

“Steve Macias” is a great resource on Facebook and YouTube. He is a REC priest in California with a Christian school and parish. Young and eloquent.

“Anglican Aesthetics” by Sean Luke. Sometimes overly cerebral and academic, but good.

“New Kingdom Media” by River Devereux. Super great theologian/pastor from New Zealand.

“Barely Protestant” by Fr. James. REC quality guy.

“The Other Paul” by Paul Vasey from Australia. Superb defense of Anglicanism.

“Stand Firm Podcast” with Fr. Matt Kennedy, and two other Anglican priests. Fr. Matt is also a great homilist and his sermons are edifying to listen to. From his parish web site, “Anglican Church of the Good Shepherd” in Binghamton, New York. Anne Kennedy, the wife of Pastor Matt Kennedy, is a brilliant writer in her own right. Find her on Facebook.

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Other Podcasts

Some of these are secular; most are theological conservatives.

Fr. Calvin Robinson has a Substack, and his patrimony is Anglican, but his orders are now in the Old Catholic Church. He is still somewhat active in Anglican circles, and we are in harmony on most issues. I enjoy his no-holds-barred approach. Smart and eloquent too.


Mike Winger. Evangelical YouTuber who does a great job. Dispensationalist presuppositions tarnish some of his views; still highly recommended.


The Ezra Institute with Joe Boot. Excellent theonomic analysis from an almost Reformed Anglican perspective.


Genesis Apologetics: Young earth, six-day creation position, which I fully embrace.


The Aaron Renn Show. An excellent resource. More of a social commentator than a theologian.


Hard Men Podcast. These guys are part of the Ogden, Utah gang. Except for their inexcusably foolish antisemitism (which I hope they will repent of), these guys are great.

The King’s Hall: the young guys from Ogden, Utah are sharp on church history, and have a ton of great content for all of life. Except for their foolish and despicable bias against Israel and the Jews, I like what they say.


Haunted Cosmos. Part of the posse of young bright theologians from Ogden, Utah do this one. A fascinating discussion of angels and demons, haunted houses, UFOs, bigfoot, and the Nephilim.


Right Response Ministries. Pastor Joel Webbon from Texas, and a Baptist is a talented, eloquent, up-and-coming voice, but his views on Israel I loathe; foolishly hostile to Israel and Jews. I pray this is a case of temporary insanity from which he will soon awake. If not, I will retract my endorsement. The same goes for “Kings Hall.”


Dennis Prager: Dennis Prager is one of the biggest influences on my worldview. His wisdom is legendary, and I have enjoyed his talk show since the 1990s. Of course, one must sift out the stuff where his Judaism conflicts with Christianity. His commentaries recommended too.


Dennis and Julie; Dennis Prager and Julie Hartman usually provide a meandering, but riveting conversation on whatever comes to mind.


“Timeless” with Julie Hartman. Young lady who is Christian but still finding her way in the faith. She has good opinions on most things as long as it isn’t on gay stuff.


“Relatable” with Allie Beth Stuckey. Terrific. She’s one of the best.

Carl Jackson Podcast. Always well done.


Daily Wire. Ben Shapiro, Michael Knowles, Andrew Klavan, Jeremy Boreing, etc. They are super talented and entertaining. Highly recommended.

“Cold-Case Christianity” with J. Warner Wallace. Apologetics. Pretty good.


“Conversations that Matter” with Jon Harris. Jon gets into the weeds in exposing leftism in many denominations.


“Doctrinal Watchdog” by J. D. Robles. Not bad, but pretty edgy.


“The Megyn Kelly Show”. She does the best interviews.


“The Eric Metaxas Show Podcast”. Eric Metaxas is funny and informative; his books too.


“The World and Everything in It”. Part of WORLD magazine. These guys deserve our support, and need to be rewarded for staying conservative when half their writers were pressuring them to veer left. The liberals left, and WORLD Mag is better for it.

“Common Sense” with Dr. Ben Carson.


“Pints with Aquinas” by Matt Fradd. Roman Catholic voice. Very good.


Dr. Taylor Marshall. He is the king of the tradcats, traditional Catholics. If you want to know how upset the tradcats are with Pope Francis, Taylor Marshall is a good place to start.


“Breakpoint” Colson Center. Good information.


Alisa Childers. I really like her effectiveness in refuting progressivism in Evangelicalism.

Gavin Ortlund has excellent research on the veneration of Icons, Purgatory, and church history, but his political views are horrible. He naively believes the climate change fanatics, goes for old earth creation, accepts too much of the social justice nonsense of CRT, and that sort of thing. Yet, his deep dives into church history are indispensable.


Jordan Cooper is a must listen on all things Lutheran.


Dr. Jordan B. Peterson. Famous Canadian author and podcaster. He has his own podcast, and does stuff with The Daily Wire.


Doug Wilson. Pastor Doug Wilson of Moscow, Idaho is one of the giants of our age. You can’t avoid him, and you shouldn’t. He is a friend of Anglicans, and brilliant on most things. Canon+ is a good app to get. Catch his analyses on a host of subjects on “Blog and Mablog”.


Joshua Schooping is an ex-Eastern Orthodox priest who is now a Lutheran priest. His insights are magnificent, especially refuting the absurd claims of Eastern Orthodoxy.

Rosaria Butterfield was a lesbian feminist who came out of that milieu decades ago, and is now a pastor’s wife and a great spokesman for the Biblical morality on sexual ethics.


Nathan Anderson does good theology. He is bilingual and I hope that he one day produces content in Spanish.


Becket Cook Show. Becket, a former practicing homosexual, has good news for those experiencing homosexual attraction. They can overcome it, and find abundant life in Christ.

Sean McDowell: not as conservative or combative as I like, but still good.


Albert Mohler: another man who is brilliant in many ways, but has not always been reliable on fighting liberal trends like Critical Race Theory.


Megan Basham. Conservative superstar. A Southern Baptist. Everything she writes or says on X is outstanding.


Peachy Keenan. Roman Catholic voice for traditional marriage, parenting, values, etc. Witty.


Nancy Pearcey. Great writer and commentator on the cultural landscape.


Ken Ham. Young earth creation spokesman. Controversial, but I like him.


John MacArthur. Another giant of our times. Of course, I disagree with his eschatology and dispensationalism, but he is amazing.


Douglas Murray. I hesitate to endorse a gay man, but he never mentions sodomy, and he is a courageous, super articulate voice against the left, Hamas, and Islam.


Larry Elder. Eloquent and wise black voice. Larry started out a skeptic and has gradually shifted toward fully embracing the Christian faith.


Buck Sexton Show. Pretty good content from a good guy.


Renaissance of Men, by Will Spencer. A recent convert from New Age insanity. Spectacular.


Jay Dyer. I hesitate to endorse Jay Dyer. But one way or another, most people will bump into him. He is a strident defender of Eastern Orthodoxy, and a variety of subjects. I disagree with him on many things, but still enjoy his knowledge and eloquence.


Patristic Nectar, by Fr. Josiah Trenham of the Antiochian Orthodox Church. He is a former R.E.C. guy who is pretty gifted at church and culture from an Orthodox position.


The Theology Pugcast. This is terrific perspectives from three theologians brimming with wisdom and great insights. Mostly a Reformed take with a little Anglican. Outstanding!


The Theopolis Podcast. James Jordan, Jeff Meyers, Peter Leithart, Alastair Roberts, and others. Excellent theological content, and a ton of it available on their app, and podcast.


“Cost of Glory”, by Alex Petkas. For all things relating to classic history and the philosophy of Greece and Rome.


Out of the Question Podcast. Andrea Schwartz has many good interviews. She comes from the old R. J. Rushdoony Chalcedon branch of Christian Reconstructionism.


Acton Line Podcast. I have loved the Acton Institute for decades. Fr. Rober Sirico is terrific, and a dozen others who help out.


“Upstream” Podcast by Shane Morris. Colson Center affiliated.


Christopher Rufo Podcast. Rufo is awesome.


“Wilderness and Warrior” Podcast. Outdoors stuff from a Christian perspective.


The Explorers Podcast. This has to do with explorers throughout history. Not done from an explicitly Christian perspective, but great history told well.


“Undaunted Life” by Kyle Thompson. Kyle promotes godly masculinity.


Having Two Legs. Toby Sumpter is eloquent and forceful from Moscow, Idaho.


The Sacramentalists. These are Anglo-Catholics who I am reluctant to endorse because they hold to universalism, a lethal heterodoxy. What a shame. Still good content on other things.


Brian Kilmeade Show; informative talk show from a guy who is smart and winsome.


The Epoch Times. One of the few great newspapers. It is delivered weekly, and you can get it online. There are so many excellent articles, you can read it cover to cover.


PragerU. This organization has nearly 600 short five-minute videos that teach conservative content. I can highly recommend nearly every one of them. Good for homeschoolers.


William Wolfe. Of Christian Nationalism fame. Catch him on X, and YouTube episodes.


Billboard Chris. This guy heroically takes on the transgender mutilators.


James White. Superb videos, debates, books, etc. His ability to discuss the Trinity, Islam, purgatory, eschatology, the deity of Christ, etc. is amazing.


Xi Van Fleet. She survived the Cultural Revolution of China from 1965-1975. An expert on the butcher Mao, the antics of the CCP, and communism in general. Follow her on X.


Voice of North Korea, by Yeonmi Park. Lovely young lady who escaped from North Korea, a giant communist concentration camp. She now warns of the totalitarian nature of socialism. I think she has recently converted to Christianity.


Libs of TikTok. Jewish lady who exposes left-wing nonsense.


Babylon Bee, Seth Dillon, and the gang. Hilarious.


Eva Vlaardingerbroek. Conservative voice from the Netherlands.


Zachary Garris. Patriarchalism spokesman. Maybe goes too far in applying patriarchal tenets.


Robert Spencer. He is an expert on Islam. His courage in warning us of the satanic evil of Islam is important.


David Woods. Superb commentary on the lies and dangers of Islam. He and Robert Spenser often collaborate.


Dr. Jay Smith. A walking encyclopedia on Islam from a Christian viewpoint.


Ayaan Hirsi Ali. She has recently converted from atheism to Christianity. Growing up Muslim, she knows the dangers, and exposes them passionately and masterfully.


Podcasts and Resources in Spanish

Agustin Laje from Argentina. Young guy. Possibly the best conservative spokesman in Latin America. He is a big supporter of President Javier Millei.


“Una Voz Conservadora” by Andrea Guachalla. She is a Bolivian Baptist who hits all the issues from a biblical lens. Think of her as the “Allie Beth Stuckey of the Spanish language world.”


Nicolas Marquez; another great Argentine author and podcaster. Indispensable.


Pablo Munoz Iturrieta. Terrific and courageous.


Axel Kaiser. Super star advocate for conservatives from Chile.


“Mirada Sur” is a weekly email that reports on the latest developments in Latin America.


President Javier Milei of Argentina. A bright light on a dark continent. Not only is he conservative on economics, but a bulldog in promoting traditional values.


President Nayib Bukele of El Salvador. Another brilliant politician in Latin America. He has decimated the gangs in his country and made the streets safe again.

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