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Missional Community

At the 55th General Council of the Reformed Episcopal Church in June 2017, Bishop Sutton introduced the Vision that every Reformed Episcopal parish is a strongly established Missional Community as we plant 100 new Reformed Episcopal parishes throughout North America. This vision is simply known as 'REC100'. 

The REC100 vision is supported through the ministry of the REC100 Committee. This committee, consisting of  Diocesan Bishops and Canon Missioners and appointed laity, helps equip and empower every Diocese, every parish, and every plant/planter by providing tools,  resources, training, and administrative support associated with parish planting and growth. In addition, REC100 helps promote the financial support necessary through the annual REC100 Offerings where members are asked 'to give a hundred'.


The Front Porch:

The Front Porch is the official newsletter for REC100! This newsletter will help us communicate recent developments, news, and resources within REC100. We will also include articles from planters and pastors centered around the topics of church planting and creating missional cultures in the parish. 

The latest issue of The Front Porch is available. REC100 distributes some printed copies to each parish that can be used on Narthex or Display tables in the local parish. Additionally, a digital copy is available here and a pdf version can be downloaded. Feel free to share this in electronic newsletters, social media, parish websites, etc.

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